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Perks of the Wax Seal Sticker

Putting a wax seal on a wedding invitation or letter has been around for years and years, it's apart of history. In the past few years, the wax seal has now made a comeback and is now very trendy. After seeing wax seal videos on your Instagram feed you decide you want wax seals for your wedding invitation envelopes. Yes, that is a great idea, however, the fear of ruining your envelopes or the seals not turning out the way you saw online sets in and this is where the wax seal sticker becomes a great option!


Here are a few reasons why the wax seal sticker is a better option than doing it by hand.

1. No Mess

Using a traditional wax sealing method can be very tricky, especially when you are trying not to burn yourself while trying to figure out the exact amount to put on the envelope. It can get very messy and ruin your envelope if you do it wrong. The wax seal sticker is already formed so all you have to do is peel off the sticker on the back and put it in place.

2. Personalized

This is my favorite part of the wax seal sticker. You can upload a monogram, initial or graphic of any kind to match your wedding invitation exactly. So let's say you paid for a custom monogram for the top of your wedding invitation. Well now, you can incorporate that monogram somewhere else other than your wedding invitation, it can be on your wax seal as well! It's an additional touch to personalize your wedding invitations.

3. Color Options

Using a wax seal sticker gives you a wide variety of options when it comes to colors so your seal can match your wedding invitations almost exactly.

4. Size and Shape Options

The wax seal stickers come in 5 different sizes that you can choose from. This takes the stress off of trying to make the perfect size seal on each envelope since you know exactly what size it will turn out to be. You can even order a few different sample sizes in different colors before you place your final order so you can test out the seals first and pick your perfect size, shape, and color. Wax seal stickers also come in oval and square if you are looking for something more fun and modern.

5. Adhesive Types

There are 2 different types of adhesive you can choose from for the back of the seal. If you want the adhesive to have low tack so that it is easily removable, they have that option. This is normally great for sealing a pocket invitation so you can open and close it without damaging the paper. If you want it to seal your invitation envelope, they also offer a stronger adhesive so the seal won't fall off of the envelope during the mailing process.

6. Mailing an Envelope with a Wax Seal Sticker

A traditional wax seal has a very high likelihood of getting damaged in the mail. If you use a wax seal sticker, since it is a stronger material, it has a better chance of not falling off or getting damaged in the mailing process.

Either way, if you decide you want to do a traditional seal or a wax seal sticker, they are both a beautiful touch to add to your wedding invitation suite.

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