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Handmade Custom Wedding Invitations


By clicking "I agree" and giving your digital signature below, you are stating your agreement to the following terms:​

  • A quote is provided up front, but all prices are subject to change based on final design selections.

  • Serif and Sans offers full invitation assembly as a service but does not offer mailing. The client is responsible for mailing.

  • Additional invitations requested to be addressed or assembled after receiving the final guest list will be billed separately.

  • Serif and Sans will do everything possible to ensure safe mailing and/or shipping but is ultimately not responsible for USPS/Fedex/UPS/etc. handling.

  • Serif and Sans will provide an approximate postage cost for each wedding invitation, but additional postage may be required after the suite is printed and weighed at the post office. Serif and Sans is not responsible for USPS changes in cost of mailing based on item weight.

  • Serif and Sans will provide a schedule at the beginning of each project that outlines when the proof will be sent, the amount of time for edits, and when final approval is required to meet the deadline. The deadline or mail date may be compromised if any of the proposed dates are missed by the client.

  • Although we do our best to make proofs appear realistic, the client understands that a proof on screen may appear different than what is seen in person. We encourage requesting samples if a client has any questions.

  • While Serif and Sans will closely proofread and review all designs prior to printing, it is ultimately the client's responsibility to review proofs for errors. Serif and Sans is not responsible for any typos found or changes made after proof is approved by the client via email. After final approval is given, the client will be responsible for any reprint fees.

  • Occasionally, outside artists or calligraphers are commissioned for a project. The client must agree to the artist's guidelines and/or contract, which may be different from our own.

  • Serif and Sans will do everything possible to design within the limitations of paper, envelopes, ribbon, etc. are available, but are ultimately not responsible for items out of stock/delayed, paper shortages, and/or supply chain issues.


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