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Proof Approval

Proof Approval Checklist

Refer to this checklist to make sure your proofs are error-free and designed just the way you want.
  • All the stationery items I ordered were included in the final proof set.
  • Correct ink, paper and envelope colors were used. Colors may appear differently on your computer than they print in person.  If you are at all concerned about the color, please order a printed proof. 
  • Correct fonts were used.
  • All text is spaced properly. All text is formatted and aligned correctly.
  • All important information is included - who, what, where, when and why
  • All wording/phrasing is typed correctly.
  • All dates, names, professional titles, physical addresses, email & web addresses, and telephone numbers are correct.
  • There are no abbreviations and all dates and addresses are spelled out as you would like (i.e. Street versus St.)
  • There are no spelling or punctuation errors - do not assume spell check has caught every error!
  • All design elements (dimensions, folds, layers, embellishments, graphic elements, etc) are EXACTLY correct.
By submitting this form, I have thoroughly reviewed all digital and physical proofs of the project materials. I understand that all proof reading and spell checking is my responsibility, not Serif and Sans. I understand that printed product colors may vary from what I see on my computer screen. I have read through the suggested check list above and have used that to look through all physical and digital proofs. I accept full responsibility for this approval and hereby grant permission to proceed with the production process as noted above. I understand that revisions, error corrections and/or preference changes after this approval will be deemed “new work” and invoiced in addition to this project’s fees.
If you agree to these terms, please fill in the boxes below and click on "Start printing!"

Proof Approval

  • PROOF READING: I have verified the layout, spelling and content on each piece and they are correct. I assume all responsibility for typographical errors. I understand that any errors found after print production are my financial responsibility from this point forward. 

  • PRINTING: I understand that my document will print as it appears in the final approved proof and that I cannot make any changes without additional cost and/or possible delay in completion date once the final proof is approved. 

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